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Andy (painting): "It's a dark forest."

Chris: "Does anything live in that forest?"

Andy: "Wolves."

Felix (painting a rainbow tower): "We live out in the country. There's coyotes there."

Lyra (climbing a steep hill): "I'm a little scared."

Sam: "Try holding onto that Beech tree for support."

Lyra: "I got it."

Chris: "Hey Sage, what song are you playing?"

Sage: "Dinosaurs." Sage begins strumming and singing, "We are the dinosaurs, marching marching . . ." (a popular Fairywood song)

Chris: "Looks like you found a big Sycamore leaf, River."

River: "Sycamore leaf!"

Chris: "OK, the last clue says the treasure is hidden in a hollow log that's covered with moss."

Lincoln: "I see it. I found the treasure!"

Sam: "You're buried in the leaves."

Everett: "You can't see my legs anymore."

Duy gets excited when he finds an area of loose dirt. "Dig!" he yells.

Sam: "Try digging with this shovel"

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