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The Ice Pond

We started the morning off with ice, ice, and more ice. There were colorful ice gems we had made the night before and a frozen pond to break up with hammers, sticks, feet, and whatever we could find. We noticed that the pond was starting to thaw a bit. Meanwhile Lincoln, Andy, and Felix asked if we could get out the pink canoe, remembering that we had played in it last year. We set it out on the ground and lots of dramatic play involving pirates and sea monsters ensued. Then Chris wondered aloud to Mandy, "What if we put the canoe in the pond and go canoeing for real?" So that's just what we did. Much of the pond was still frozen so we gradually carved out a path for the canoe by break

First Snow

This week we got to explore the magic of snow! We went on a hike through the woods where we saw many tracks of different animals and followed them. We found deer, bird, rabbit, and possum tracks. We crawled through snow covered branches, climbed over snowy logs, and made snowballs to throw. Back at the main camp we felt how warm the alpacas were with all their fleece, even though it was quite chilly out. We made slushies and rainbow snow that turned into hot lava. We also went sledding down Fairy Mountain! We warmed up with some stories in the tipi.


It was great to be back together at forest school this week! We spent lots of time in the creek, climbing up fallen logs, weaving branches into the forest loom, looking through magnifying glasses, sliding in the mud, pouring water down the "fairy slides" (open roots of sycamore trees), making paper airplanes, finding fungi at the new Mushroom Circle, acrylic painting on rocks and tree cookies, hanging with the chickens, making popcorn over the fire, and finding lots of "mudsicles." After looking over our pictures from the week, we noticed that we had a nice individual portrait of each kid, in their element, pursuing their own unique interests, so we start this post with those. Enjoy! These



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