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A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Roasting marshmallows and listening to stories by the fire. Playing Eagle Eye -- close your eyes and count to 20 Finding (and breaking) ice Digging with sticks for hidden treasures Singing Jingle Bells and the ABC song, and making up our own songs together Enjoying fry bread and hot cocoa cooked over the fire in the tipi Careful steps over the icy creek Cutting, collecting, and hot gluing Relaxing in the big Sycamore tree Hiding in the debris huts Playing Don't Wake the Bear

Last Week of November

This week we spent time in the tipi writing stories, reading books, and making bread over the fire. Everyone shared a story from their journals and we listened to some new favorite stories. The kids really enjoyed a series of books by Anna Kang. On Tuesday it was the coldest day of forest school yet. There was some snow and ice we were able to explore. We smashed it with hammers, melted it with warm water, and used water color to paint the snow. By Thursday, the snow and ice had melted and there was lots of water in the creek and mud to play in.



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