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The kids had an idea to build a clubhouse with the pallets and tarp. We used the familiar triangle tunnel shape and made two clubhouses. Then we got the idea to put the big blue tarp over both shelters to make one big clubhouse. Inside, it was a world of blue. Then we got out the canoe and all the kids went on a sea voyage together. They had so much fun falling into the ocean and rescuing each other. The kids have noticed how many more eggs the chickens are laying now that it is Spring. They love to find the eggs and watch the hens lay in their nests. "It's doing it! It's doing it!" Sage called out in excitement. We have also been finding lots of geodes and other treasures on our creek

Woolly Worm

We found a woolly worm caterpillar on the crocodile tree. The kids wondered if it might be making a cocoon. Later on we wrapped ourselves up in a hammock cocoon to see what it feels like. "Mud Puddle" is still one of our favorite stories to read aloud around the fire circle. And squishing around in the mud is one of our favorite things to do. We noticed that wet, decaying wood feels a lot like mud. We used creek mud to make a stew. Duy loves to feed the alpacas fresh hay in the morning. Hunting for hidden golf balls helps to sharpen our awareness. This time the kids took turns hiding the balls. Everett is always finding mushrooms when we go on a hike.

Dam Building, Mud Slide, and Pancakes

This week we worked together to build a dam in the little creek. We started by layering rocks, and soon realized that adding mud, sticks and leaves helped fill in the gaps. We watched as the water changed direction. We really loved sliding down the mud mound and scooping mud with our hands. On Tuesday we made pancakes to try with our own homemade maple syrup!



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