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Volcanoes and Don't Wake the Bear

The kids have been talking a lot about "hot lava" lately, as part of their imaginary play, so on Tuesday we thought it might be fun to do an eruption with mentos and diet coke. We also worked on creating our own volcano using paper mache and paint that we will erupt this week. On Thursday we tried a new game that the kids really enjoyed called "Don't Wake the Bear." We talked about how bears and other animals hibernate during the winter. Then we took turns being the bear, hibernating under a big blanket. We placed a tambourine next to the hibernating bear, and the other kids try to snatch the tambourine without making a sound and waking up the bear. When the bear wakes up they chase after

Snow and Ice

We went sledding down the big hill, broke through a frozen pond with hammers, made snow angels, had snowball fights, made music with drums and bells, and painted the snow with watercolors!  It was a magical couple days with Fairywood covered in snow.


We've been fascinated with the process of melting this week. With such warm temperatures, there was a lot of ice melting in the creeks. We threw some rocks on the ice to see if we could break it. We used our feet as well. These three asked to get out the stove so we could melt some crayons. It's been a favorite activity all year. On Thursday we went on a hike into Yellowwood State Forest. There we found vines to climb, jelly-like mushrooms at the end of a stick, and a tree full of spiky pine cones. Getting cozy with a good story is a favorite way to end the day.



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