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Winter Arrives

This past week was our coldest week of forest school so far, but the days were full of discovery, learning, adventure, cooperation, and fun! We kept warm by staying active and hiking uphill, drinking warm tea, and singing our favorite songs around the fire. We also discovered that wrestling with Sam is another good way to stay warm. And we gathered around Chris to read a good book in the forest. We experimented with chunks of ice, salt, and spray bottles of warm water. River and Andy found some frozen deer poop on one of our hikes. We tracked the deer's path and the kids also noticed that deer poop looks a lot like Alpaca poop, only a little bit bigger. And Sage called out to us with an ex


Andy (painting): "It's a dark forest." Chris: "Does anything live in that forest?" Andy: "Wolves." Felix (painting a rainbow tower): "We live out in the country. There's coyotes there." Lyra (climbing a steep hill): "I'm a little scared." Sam: "Try holding onto that Beech tree for support." Lyra: "I got it." Chris: "Hey Sage, what song are you playing?" Sage: "Dinosaurs." Sage begins strumming and singing, "We are the dinosaurs, marching marching . . ." (a popular Fairywood song) Chris: "Looks like you found a big Sycamore leaf, River." River: "Sycamore leaf!" Chris: "OK, the last clue says the treasure is hidden in a hollow log that's covered with moss." Lincoln: "I see it. I



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