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Forest Games

We've been playing what we call "forest games" with the whole group the past few weeks. One game is called My Tree. In this game, one kid is blindfolded and led to a tree. They feel the tree's bark, smell it, wrap their arms around it to feel the size, and use their senses to get a feel for the tree without seeing it. Then they are led away and the blindfold is taken off. They now have to try to figure out which tree it was. Another game is called Treasure Hunt. The kids liked this one so much, they've requested to play it everyday since. For Treasure Hunt we split into two groups and walk into the woods a little ways to hide a treasure. On the way back, we look around for landmarks

In The Forest

The forest is our third teacher at Fairywood. In the forest, we find: Obstacles to climb The elements Color And Texture Hidden Treasures and Mysteries Steep hills to slide down And lots of trees to hug!

Mixing Potions

Mixing potions with baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, and watercolors. Everybody got into this! Practicing those all important fine motor skills, using scissors to "free the snakes from the slime" And making pinecone bird feeders And building bridges. Felix got the idea to make a kite, so we found some scarves and ribbon. It was really fun to around with a kite. And why not wear the scarves too!



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