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Playing Story

We've been encouraging the kids to "play story" as we explore the woods. They choose whatever character they want to be and we teachers simply narrate what they do, as they do it, telling a story out loud as it unfolds. The kids are really starting to get into it. In one story Lyra was a "baby beast" looking for her mama, Felix was an evil fisherman with a maniacal laugh, and River was a giraffe stepping cautiously into the water. One of our favorite places to play story has been The Crocodile Tree, which was named by Junie. This is a big oak tree that fell over recently and looks like a crocodile. The kids like to sit up high on the crocodile's head. We've also been carving and decorat

Deer Tracks

Before going on our hikes into the forest this week, we practiced expanding our senses by using our "owl eyes" and our "deer ears." We noticed tiny spiders and puffball mushrooms and heard the sounds of crickets and woodpeckers. We even discovered deer tracks and figured out which way the deer was travelling. We also did a lot of climbing over fallen trees. And back on the adventure playground:


The kids have been really eager to use tools lately. We set up a vertical pallet for hammering, drilling, sawing, and painting.. The leaves are really starting to fall. We raked up some big leaf piles to jump into! We took our alpaca Mae on a hike up "Fairy Mountain." Along the way we noticed a lot of young beech trees and the edible wood sorrell plant tucked in the leaves. We've been exploring new parts of the creek together. Check out that Sycamore root! A perfect place to sit. The kids referred to this spot under the bridge as "the island" and Sam was a T-Rex that couldn't swim across the water to get them!



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